Kadyrov thanks Putin "for supporting the Islamic world"
01 September 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday (31 August) held a meeting with Chechen leader Ramazan Kadyrov.

At the start of the meeting Putin asked Kadyrov about the opening of the new Mosque in Chechnya, at which point the Chechen leader said that dozens of scientists, ulama and muftis had asked him to convey to the Russian president their gratitude "for his support to the Islamic world".

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Kadyrov invited Putin to visit Chechnya "Vladimir Vladimirovich, You came to us when we had serious problems. But thanks to you, today we have a completely different life. We have restored the republic, our economic situation is very good, despite all the sanctions, all the unfriendly attitude towards Russia and the Chechen Republic. We solve all social issues."

Putin agreed that he had not been to Chechnya for a long time, and promised he will do so

"I know that the republic is developing at a fairly good pace. We remember in what condition it was a few years ago. The situation has changed dramatically thanks to the efforts and talents of the Chechen people, thanks to your persistent efforts. I know how much you devote to this, almost all your life. Just as your father once devoted his whole life to Chechnya, to the Chechen people, so you serve Chechnya. And I will be happy to see how Chechnya is developing directly, as they say, in reality."

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photo: Russian president Putin met the Chechen leader Ramazan Kadyrov on 31 August 2019 (picture courtesy of TASS news agency, Moscow.)