Countries spend USD 1.8 trillion on defence in 2019
09 January 2020

World states have spent more than USD 1.8 trillion on defence in 2019. This was stated in a report published in London this week by the authoratitive research agency JANE's. The report says that European countries were amongst the highest with increased spending in 2019.

The ten highest defence spenders were:

United States (USD 726 bln),
China (USD 217 bln),
Saudi Arabia (USD 57 bln),
India (USD 57 bln),
United Kingdom (USD 56 bln),
France (USD 53 bln),
Germany (USD 48 bln),
Russia (USD 48 bln),
Japan (USD 45 bln),  
South Korea (USD 41 bln).

In the South Caucasus the only country spending more than USD 1 billion on defence last year was Azerbaijan, which spent USD 1.8 billion, although this was considerably less than the year before. 

source: with Jane's