Azerbaijan says it has suffered 12 losses in front line operations since 1 January and that there were 1178 cease fire violations this year.
30 October 2012

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence has given its own version of cease fire violations, on the line of contact separating Armenian and Azerbaijani forces, over the last ten months.

The spokesman of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry, Colonel Eldar Sabiroglu, addressing a press conference on the frontline near the region of Terter, was quoted by the APA News Agency as saying that the Azerbaijani Army suffered 12 losses over the last 10 months. He added that according to information released by the Armenian side they suffered 32 losses as a result of shootings.

Sabiroglu said that the ceasefire was mostly violated in  areas around Fuzuli, Terter and Agdam. The spokesman said that the highest tension on the contact line was observed in June. political editor said that if the figures provided are accurate, and the likelyhood is that they are, then this means that with 44 casualties so far this has been the worst year since the two sides agreed a ceace fire way back in 1994. Such high casualties continue to add concerns about the conflict, and the failure of the sides to move forward with its resolution.

source: with APA

photo: An Azerbaijani tank on parade (archive picture)