Pashinyan's "My Step" sweeps to victory in Armenian elections
10 December 2018

Nikol Pashinyan's "My Step" alliance swept to victory in Sunday's early parliamentary elections in Armenia securing 70.43% of the votes cast. According to preliminary data released by the Armenian Central Elections Commission (CEC) two other political parties, Prosperous Armenia Party (led by Gagik Tsarukian) and Luminous Armenia (led my Edmond Marukian) secured enough votes to pass the 5% threshold and be represented in the new parliament.

Speaking at his party election headquarters during the night, Nikol Pashinyan said that the election victory seals the end of the first phase of the velvet revolution that he initiated in the spring. But he added that the revolution itself will continue until its objectives of making Armenia a strong, prosperous and rule of law based country, are achieved.

The night was dissapointing for the former ruling party, the Republican Party of Armenia, which failed to cross the 5% threshold and will therefore not be represented in the new parliament.

Polling on Sunday took place in a calm atmosphere, but voter turnout was low, with only 48.63 % of eligible voters casting their votes.

source: with agencies

photo: Nikol Pashinyan addressing a party rally ahead of elections in Armenia on 9 December 2018.