Baku hosts Formula 1
28 April 2019

Baku is this weekend hosting the Formula 1 race. The race comes to a climax on Sunday, when after the opening ceremony and the parade of drivers, the Grand Prix of Formula 1 Azerbaijan will begin, around a track that goes round some of Baku's most iconic sights.

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas will be on the first position of the starting line, another Mercedes team driver Lewis Hamilton will be on the second position and the driver of Ferrari Sebastian Vettel will be on the third position.

Ten teams represented by two drivers will compete in this race.

The length of the Baku track where teams compete for the championship, each represented by two drivers, is just over six kilometers. The length of the widest part of the track is 13 meters, and the narrowest width is 7.6 meters between the turns 7 and 8, which are situated along the Icheri Sheher (Inner City).

The Start and Finish lanes are located at the Azadlig Square.

Baku hotels were reported at full capacity over the weekend as F1 enthusiasts from all over the world flocked to the city for the event.

The event was marred by an incident on Friday when a loose sewer manhole caused damage to the car driven by George Russell's Williams, and racing was suspended until the track was checked. Organisers hope that a perfect race on Sunday will put the incident in the past, and confirm's Baku reputation as a difficult but exciting Formula 1 race.


photo: Friday's qualifying races in the shadow of Baku's iconic old city walls.