Dimitri Medvedev has arrived in Armenia (Updated)
29 April 2019


Russian prime minister Dimitri Medvedev held a meeting with his Armenian counterpart Nikol Pashinyan on Monday evening, shortly after arriving in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. The meeting was held at Pashinyan's official home. Both prime ministers were photographed in open neck shirts during the talks.

"This meeting is a good opportunity to discuss our bilateral relations. We have repeatedly met, discussed the current state of affairs ... And now we will go through the main positions, especially our colleagues have prepared a number of questions for us," Medvedev said, noting that the meeting The Eurasian Intergovernmental Council, which will be held in Yerevan on April 30, is a good reason to discuss "important issues, including very complex ones".

The Russian Prime Minister thanked Pashinyan for inviting me to his residence to talk informally, adding that "it is always worth a lot, it is an opportunity to get to know each other better, to talk about various aspects of bilateral cooperation in an informal setting."

In turn, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan expressed confidence that Moscow and Yerevan will manage to raise bilateral relations to a new level, contrary to the moods of some pessimists: "Now our relations are very important, and I am confident that, despite pessimists, we will be able to raise our relations level. Not that, contrary to pessimists, I think you just need to turn pessimists into optimists. "

Pashinyan noted that in the course of the last year, relations between Russia and Armenia "developed systematically, of course, this does not mean that there were no issues."


Russian prime minister Dimitri Medvedev on Monday (29 April) arrived in Yerevan on an official visit. The Russian prime minister will on Monday evening meet with Armenian prime minister Nikol Pashinyan, and on Tuesday will participate in a meeting of the inter-governmental Council of the Eurasian Economic Union.


photo: Russian prime minister Dimitri Medvedev arrived in Armenia on Monday 29 April on an official visit. (picture courtesy of Armenpress news agency, Yerevan)