Armenia says one of its soldiers was killed by Azerbaijani shooting on Sunday (Updated)
29 July 2019


An Armenian Defence Ministry source said that one of its soldiers was killed on Sunday as a result of Azerbaijani fire in the northeastern sector of the border between the two countries.

The deceased soldier was named as Arman Bulgadaryan. He was 24 years. Armenian media reports that the soldier was from the town of Vanadzor and had recently returned from Russia.

On Saturday, Armenia said that another of its soldiers was injured as a result of Azerbaijani fire near the Tavush sector of the border.  The Azerbaijani side has not yet commented directly on the incident, but Azerbaijani media reports that on Sunday (28 July) Armnenia broke the cerase fire by shooting at Azerbaijani positions.

It is to be noted that these incidents happened in the northern sector of the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Recently the two sides had replaced regular army units with Border Guards (in the case of Azerbaijan) and Internal Ministry troops (in the case of Armenia). a move that was seen as a positive gesture.

source: with agencies