Ingush official shot dead in Moscow
03 November 2019

Ibragim Eldzharkiyev, the Head of the department of the Russian interior ministry's anti-extremism center,in Ingushetia, in the North Caucasus, was shot and killed in Moscow, on Saturday (2 November)

Ibragim Eldzharkiyev was shot dead on Academician Anokhin Street (in the west of Moscow)". According to earlier reports, shooting was heard near building 2 on Academician Anokhin Street. Two people were killed.

TASS news agency citing source in the law enforcement agencies,said that Eldzharkiyev survived an assassination attempt in January 2019 when his car came under gunfire while moving from Chechnya to Ingushetia. Three policemen who were in the car received serious gun wounds. Eldzharkiyev was unhurt.

source: with agencies