Clashes on Armenia-Azerbaijan border
06 March 2020

There are reports of incidents in the northern sector of the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan on Thursday and Friday (5-6 March). An Azerbaijani Border Guard was reported killed, and an Armenian soldier reported injured.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry reported that "as a result of sniper fire in the direction of the Gushchu Airim village of the Khazakh district, Orkhan Pashazade, a member of the Azerbaijani Border Guard Service, was killed. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry statement accused Armenia of conducting a deliberate provocation."

In the meantime on Friday Armenia gave an unusually detailed description of what it said was an attempt by Azerbaijan to infiltrate its border. The Armenian media, citing Ministry of Defence sources, said that

"on March 6, at about 5:30 am, the Azerbaijani military launched an attempt of sabotage infiltration in the direction of one of Armenia's combat positions located in a northeasterly direction.

But thanks to the competent actions of the Armenian military-position holders, the adversary was driven back to its starting position, suffering casualties, and leaving ammunition and a landmine detector behind. The Armenian side has no casualties, but one soldier sustained minor injuries."

The Armenian statement added, 

"the analysis of the operations shows that the adversary has carried out serious preparatory work for this sabotage infiltration attempt carried out by appropriately trained personnel. It is noteworthy that a German-made landmine detector was used to open holes in the landmine fields."

In Baku, the State Border Guard service of Azerbaijan denied that there was any infiltration attempt but confirmed exchange of fire between the two sides throughgout Friday morning.

Editorial note: reports incidents in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone and the Armenia-Azerbaijan  international border based on secondary source and is not able to confirm directly the accuracy of the reports.

source: with agencies