South Caucasus countries struggle to keep coronavirus in check as the number of confirmed cases in the region rises to 64
14 March 2020

Efforts continue in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to keep the coronavirus COVID-19 in check. As the epicentre of the pandamic moves to Europe the three South Casucasus countries continue introducing measures to lessen the import of the virus through people arriving from foreign destinations, whilst keeping the reported cases already in the country in check.

In Armenia the government says the number of cases in the country is 15. For reasons that are not yet clear on Friday it was announced that prime minister Nikol Pashinyan and his family were self-isolating at a location near Sevan and have been tested for coronavirus. The results of the testst are expected later on Saturday.   

Azerbaijan says that it has diagnosed 19 people with the virus so far, but that six have already recovered and have been sent home.

On Saturday, Georgia reported 5 new cases of coronavirus in the country, bringing the number up to 30, most of which are related to people who have been recently in Italy.

The three countries have imposed travel restrictions with a number of other countries in Europe and Asia. Yesterday they also introduced restrictions between them. The border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is closed anyway because of the Karabakh conflict, but the borders between Armenia and Georgia and Azerbaijan and Georgia are very busy in normal times.

source: with agencies