FIFA says we have to fight coronavirus together as a team
24 March 2020

This is a public service announcement, compiled for by William Murray

In an effort to combat the spread of the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) have teamed up with the FIFA, the international governing body of football, to highlight the five most important steps we all must take:

1)      Hands – ‘Please wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution’

2)      Elbows – ‘Cover your nose and mouth with a bent elbow or tissue when you sneeze or cough’

3)      Face – ‘Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, nose or mouth to prevent the virus from entering your body’

4)      Distance – ‘In terms of social interaction, take a step back. Stay at least one metre distance from others.’

5)      Feel – ‘If you feel unwell, stay home. Please follow all instructions provided by your local health authorities.’

"For the first time ever, we - the entire world - are all playing on the same team. Our opponent is a disease. We need determination, discipline and teamwork to beat the coronavirus. The world of football is united and together we will win."

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Photo: The heads of FIFA and WHO come together to agree a strategy to find coronavirus.