Fighting coronavirus has now become jihad
26 March 2020

Report compiled by Noman Ahmad, a member of the research team

Militants across the Middle East region are hanging their guns to fight COVID19. With the lack of medical support and while being unable to test for the virus, they decided to be active and disinfect.

A Mujahideen Brigades banner reflects the groups' position of equivicating fighting for the sake of jihad and combating the spread of #COVID19.  

A video on social media shows Hezbollah volunteer disinfecting streets in Lebanon. You can see the video here

The Palestinian Mujahideen Brigades said that they have swapped their AK-47s for disinfectant during the global pandemic. The first cases in Gaza strip has worried Hamas leaders. The concern stems from the weakened health sector in the blockaded strip. Other groups in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq have followed suit while Taliban expressed its willingness to listen to health workers. 

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source: with Jerusalem Post