Ilgar Mammedov unconditionally acquitted (updated)
23 April 2020

 The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan on Thursday (23 April) unconditionally acquitted the Ilgar Mammadov, Chairman of the opposition REAL Movement of all criminal cases against him.

At the hearing, a decision was made, according to which all previous decisions regarding Mammadov were canceled.

Ilgar Mammadov was arrested in February 2013 in connection with rioting in the district of Ismayilli. By the decision of the Sheki court, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

On August 13, 2018, the Sheki Court of Appeal released him, replacing the remaining term with a suspended sentence with a 2-year probationary period.

Ilgar Mammadov filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court with a demand to acquit him. The Supreme Court accepted his demanded and overturned the suspended sentence.

During his time in prison Mammedov was considered to be a political prisoner by international organisations, including the Council of Europe and the European parliament.

The court also ordered that Mammadov be paid 234,000 manats in compensation.

In another decision, the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan today examined a complaint in a criminal case against the chairman of the "Club of Human Rights" Rasul Jafarov.

The Supreme Court decided that all court decisions against Jafarov were canceled, he was acquitted. The court ordered compensation to be paid to Jafarov in the amount of 57,400 manat.

Rasul Jafarov was arrested in August 2014.

source: with agencies

photo: Ilgar Mammadov when he was arrested in 2013