Former Armenian president released from jail after paying 2 billion AMD bail (updated)
20 June 2020

This item was updated to include information about who paid the bail

Former Armenian president, Robert Kocharian was released from jail on bail on Saturday (20 June) following a court order. The bail had been set at 2 billion Armenian drams (AMD). In recent weeks Kocharian had been detained at the Izmirlian Medical Center after his health condition deteriorated whilst in prison.

A statement from Kocharian's office this morning said,

"After the payment of the bail set by the decision of the Criminal Court of Appeal and the completion of all the processes defined by the law, on the evening of June 19, the pre-trial detention of President Kocharyan was lifted. Robert Kocharyan has returned home, but will continue his rehabilitation treatment at Izmirlian Medical Center in accordance with the schedule set by the doctors.

We once again thank the well-known big businessmen and benefactors who supported the Kocharyan family in the payment of the 2 billion AMD bail, as well as the many citizens who transferred money to the relevant state account on a voluntary basis yesterday."

The website and other Armenian media sources have published the names of those who paid the 2 billion AMD bail (equivbalent to 4 million USD).Most of the money came from Russian-Armenian businessman Samvel Karapetyan ( "Tashir Group"), businessman Sergey Hambardzumyan ( "Группа компаний" Монарх ""), a Russian billionaire and a major shareholder pf "Systema" Stock Financial Corporation Vladimir Yevtushenko, and a well-known Russian businessman and philanthropist Gennady Stepanyan.

The report adds that "many other businessmen took part in the payment of bail for Kocharyan's freedom, as well as Armenian citizens who made transfers to the relevant account on their own initiative".

Kocharian is accused of overthrowing the constitutional order by his actions in 2008 when police cracked down on peaceful demonstrators. Ten people died in the incidents that ensued.

source: with agencies

photo: Robert Kocharian, second president of Armenia (archive picture)