Constitutional changes come into force in Armenia
26 June 2020

After months of negotiations and manoevering, change has come to the Armenian Constitutional Court.

Considered the last bastion within the state of those opposing the Velvet revolution of prime minister Nikol Pashinyan, the court has been subject of controversy for months. But on Friday (26 June), the Constitutional Changes hastily enacted by the Armenian parliament earlier this week came into force on the stroke of midnight. As a result three of the eight ordinary judges of the court, who had served for longer than twelve years, lost their seats. Furthermore the position of president of the court became vacant. The government is now expected to move with the appointment of three new judges, and a new president.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his facebook page:

"The constitutional amendments came into force. Hrayr Tovmasyan is not the chairman of the Constitutional Court, and Felix Tokhyan, Hrant Nazaryan and Alvina Gyulumyan are not members or judges of the Constitutional Court.

Three new judges of the Constitutional Court must be elected within two months.

All state bodies of Armenia are obliged to take note of this reality and be guided by it. "

 Until this morning however, the website of the Constitutional Court was still showing the old composition of the court.


photo: The Constitutional Court of Armenia in session (archive picture)