Georgian parliament approves constitutional amendments
29 June 2020

The Georgian Parliament on Monday (29 June) approved in the third and final reading constitutional amendments that change the way the next parliament will be chosen in elections

The new parliament, which will be elected after elections in October, will consist of 120 deputies elected by the proportional system and 30 chosen by majoritarian system.

117 MPs supported the draft constitutional law on the change of the electoral system, and 3 were against.

The bill also envisages a 40% "lock mechanism" which requires a party to secure more than 40% of the vote for it to be able to form a government on its own.

MPs from the opposition National Movement and European Georgia parties did not participate in today's parliamentary vote. They had made their participation conditional on an opposition activist, Giorgi Rurua being released from jail.

source: with agencies

photo: Screen Grab from Palitra TV of the vote result at the Georgian Parliament on 29 June 2020