Increased risks to civilians on Armenia-Azerbaijan border
14 July 2020

There is concern about increased risks to civilians during the current fighting ongoibng between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the northern sector of their international border. There have already been reports of civilian casualties, including at least on fatality on the Azerbaijani side. 

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in a statement issued on Tuesday (14 July) said it is concerned about the humanitarian impact of reported military activity along the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has intensified since 12 July 2020. The statement said that this activity brings additional risks for the civilian population living in the area and affects their access to livelihoods. The ICRC is sharing its concerns bilaterally with the parties to the conflict, reminding them that they must at all times distinguish between civilians and persons directly participating in hostilities.

"We call on the sides to respect the basic rules of international humanitarian law and, while conducting military operations, take all precautions necessary to ensure that civilian life and infrastructure, such as homes, schools and medical facilities, is respected and protected", said Martin Schuepp, director of the operations for the region. "We are ready to act as a neutral intermediary between the parties and assist those affected by the recent escalation of fighting."

source: with the International Committee of the Red Cross