Azerbaijan buries its slain general
15 July 2020

Azerbaijan on Wednesday (15 July) buried one of its most respected generals who was killed yesterday during artillary battles between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces at the northern sector of their international border.

The body of Major General Polad Hashimov was laid to rest in Baku's Alley of the Martys, together with and Colonel Ilgar Mirzayev, head of the country's artillary corps

Emotions have been running high in the Azerbaijani capital since the fighting started on Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday night demonstrators shouting support for the army burst into the parliament buuilding in baku and had to be forced out by police. Their have been spontaneous oiutbursts in other parst of the country by people who appear to be calling for a more hard line approach by the government on the Karabakh issue and the conflict with Armenia.


photo: The burial of Azerbaijani senior army officers at the Alley of the Martyrs in Baku on 15 July 2020 (picture courtesy of APA news agency, Baku).