Reports of new incidents on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border
21 July 2020

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan report new incidents at the Northern sector of their international border, around the regions of Tavush/Tovuz.

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence sources said that there were exchanges of small arms fire in the area and that two Armenian servicemen were wounded. Armenia said Azerbaijan tried to target its soldiers with sniper fire.  "Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired from sniper rifles, trying to target our servicemen", Defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan wrote on her Facebook page. "Azerbaijani Armed Forces have been warned of the consequences by appropriate means of communication."

Azerbaijani sources also said they had shot two unmanned aeriel vehicles (drones) near Aghdam and Tovuz. On its part Armenia on Tuesday (21 July) exhibited in Yerevan parts of Azerbaijani UAVs it said had been shot in previous fighting.

source: with agencies