Armenia puts army on high state of readiness
31 July 2020

Armenia has put its armed forces on a high state of readiness, according to defence sources in Yerevan.

An announcement from the Ministry of Defence said that "Under the 2020 plan of spot checks of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces, this morning the Chief of the General Staff brought the first-line units of the Armed Forces, military units and a part of the forces of central subordination to high levels of combat readiness.

The aim is to test the combat readiness of the troops, the ability to act quickly in a certain situation, to clarify the issues of cooperation between the staff, the given and supporting forces and means, to conduct fire management exercises, acting out operative-tactical episodes."

It is understood that the measure is in response to ongoing large military exercises by Turkish and Azerbaijani troops currently on going in Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, both sides report shooting in recent hours in the Nakhicevan section of their border. 

source: with Armenia Public Radio and agencies

photo: Picture released by Armenian Ministry of Defence of forces on high state of readiness on 31 July 2020