Haftar agrees to let Libya's oil flow again
13 September 2020

General Khalifa Haftar of Libya agreed to halt the eight month blockade of the oil sector allowing the industry to reopen. The leading commander of the Libyan National Army, based in Tobruk in the East, gave his "personal commitment" to "allow the full reopening of the energy sector" according to a statement by the US Embassy in Libya. A statement by the embassy said "the Embassy welcomes what appears to be a Libyan consensus that it is time to reopen the energy sector. "

None of the sides in the  Libyan conflict, including Haftar himself, made any public remarks yet as of Sunday morning.

An increase in Libya oil production could disrupt the OPEC+ plans to maintain stable prices amidst a decreased global demand. 


photo: General Khalifa Haftar (archive picture).