UN Human Rights Council issues latest report on Syria
16 September 2020

The United Nations Human Rights Council has published its latest biannual report on Syria  Syria remains a human rights nightmare where abuses committed in government-held territory are rivaled by those witnessed in areas held by the government's opponents.

Torture, arbitrary detentions, targeting of civilians and enforced disappearances continue to be the norm in government-controlled Syria. Abuses occurring under Turkish occupation are, however, only just starting to be formally documented by the UN, with potential legal consequences for Ankara. The main perpetrators are brigades and factions operating under the military arm of the Istanbul-based Syrian opposition called the Syrian National Army, who are accused of organised extortion, looting, property expropriation, rape, kidnapping and murder. Some of the worst offenses were recorded in Afrin, the Kurdish majority enclave that was invaded by Turkish forces in January 2018.

source: with agencies

pht: A Turkish military vehicle in Syria (archive picture)