China conducts exercises in Taiwan Strait coinciding with the visit of a senior US official
18 September 2020

China began military exercises in the Taiwan Strait on Friday (18 September), coinciding with the arrival on the Island of senior US officials. US Deputy Secretary of Economic Affairs, Keith Krach, arrived in Taipei on Thursday (17 September) for a three-day visit to Taiwan and on Friday was expected to meet with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. It is the second time this month that China is holding a military drill during a visit by a US functionary  to Taipei. Last week, the Chinese navy and air force also practised near the Taiwan Strait.

Also on Friday, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defence said that the latest exercises were "a reasonable and necessary act aimed at the current situation and [...] at protecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity".

source: with Reuters and South China Morning Post